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The mighty Luscombe arrives

The mighty Luscombe arrives 29092009




A very exciting day on September 29th, with a huge crowd at the museum to see Justin and Sal Anderson’s Luscombe arrive. Rod Luke and Simon Pike flew to Gympie the previous day to pick it up and enjoyed two of the best days flying in recent weeks to bring her home.

The Oshkosh in the background provided the appropriate welcome, along with a crowd of Aero Club and Museum onlookers. Congratulations Sal and Justin.

Congratulations also to Robyn Otley, who achieved her Pilot Certificate on the 5th October. Husband Garath has been working hard on the new hangar and was heard to be thrilled with the news. “Now I can relax and let Robyn fly me everywhere”, was one comment overheard.

Upcoming events at the Aero Club include another TAFE course and another session of Wheelies with Wings.

The other big news is the awarding of the hosting of RA-Aus Natfly to Temora for 3 years. Held over the Easter weekend, this event promises to firmly cement Temora as the hub of aviation activity and will create a lot of interest.

Safe flying,