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One More Pilot at Temora… Congratulations to Fran Cahill passing her PPL

A few words fromFran regarding her training and achievement

I had my first and second hands-on experience of flying with Schofields Flying Club in Sydney. I didnt enjoy the first one at all, but the second one with a different instructor was great. After that, with a bit of pushing from Jim, I decided it was probably a good idea to be able to land the plane if anything happened to him. I had a couple of lessons with Allan Powlay here in Temora, and he succeeded in reassuring me that if I didnt do anything stupid, and the throttle and trim were set the plane would keep flying with no input at all from me. That was a relief!

I continued lessons with Sheldon Jones both here in Temora and at Moruya, and did my first solo flight in December 2013.

I did my cross-country navigation at Smartair in Albury. I passed the PPL theory exam in May and the flying teston 20th July so I am officially a pilot, but the paperwork needs to catch up with the fact before I can take off on my own. Jim and I are looking forward to flying to Longreach at the end of August, so hopefully it will all be sorted out by then.

Fran Cahill