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Natfly at Easter a great success

Over 270 aircraft arrived at Narromine over Easter to check out all that is new and interesting about flying recreationally.

There were new aircraft on display, including an import from Columbia, the Ibis, the new LSA Brumby, a revamped Flying Flea on floats, and the Savage Cub tail dragger.

Jill and Norm Bailey flew up in two aircraft, with Nick McRae taking advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable navigation practice on the way in the Tecnam.

Also seen at for the day at Narromine were Rob Maslin, Simon Pike, Sam Richards, and Lindsay Wallace who enjoyed a walk around the trade displays and attending forums on all sorts of subjects.

The Ladies Tent was very well attended, with forums given by Jill on Fear of Flying, the POPE (Partners of Pilots Emergencies) course and How to Deal with Emergencies, along with other forums on the day about photography, gardening, cooking and even shared experiences from ladies who have experienced engine failures among other subjects. Guys, you should be very happy that there is now a reason for your partner to go to Narromine and she might even enjoy the visit! Many thanks to Carol Richards for initiating the Ladies Tent and to the ladies from Cessnock Aero Club for organising and running the tent so successfully.

Don’t forget our Pilot Nights at the Aero Club on Tuesday nights starting at 7.00pm. Subjects have included forced landings, diagnosing instrument troubles, controlled airspace, and short field techniques to name a few. If you have a subject you would like to raise, or just want to come along and hear more about flying, talk flying and drink coffee, come along.

Safe flying,