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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lots of activity this month, not as much flying due to harvest, wind, rain and other weather.
In early December a gaggle of aircraft flew in from Cessnock Aero Club for a POPE (Partners of Pilots Emergencies) course.
The men flew off to Cootamundra for a boys night, while the ladies attended school, learning about radios, GPS’s, emegency procedures, practical navigation techniques and transponders. Later that day, two ladies went flying in the Tecnam to apply some of the principles and techniques learned and all pronounced themselves much happier. On the way home the next day the ladies were pleasantly surprised at how proficient in these techniques they were and how much happier their respective partners were with them sharing the workload and contributing to the flight.
We have also reinstated the pilot information evenings on Tuesday nights at the clubhouse starting at 8.00pm. In the past, these pilot information nights were to keep pilots up to date on new rules, remind pilots about old rules and introduce new information and interesting pilot info. Recent talks have included a run through on the weather information available on www.temoraflighttraining.temoraaeroclub.net along with talks about SAR watch, submitting flight plans and flight notes, new changes to CTAF procedures in February 2009, a talk by Stewart Ferguson about AUSSAR and the new PLB beacons, along with general discussions about lift, drag, aircraft performance and weather.
Next year we will have presentations from Rod Luke about controlled airspace (of keen interest to RA-Aus pilots who will soon be able to add this endorsement to their certificates), along with talks about weight and balance, circuit procedures, changes to legislation, etc. If you are interested, these nights will start up again on January 27th at 8.00pm. If there are any topics you would like to cover or questions you might have, contact Jill or Alan or come along, you might enjoy it!
We have also recently enjoyed visits from Garath and Robyn Otley, club members from the South Coast, along with a visiting pilot from Italy, Domenico Muscolino, who very much enjoyed flying an Italian aircraft in Australia!
New club members include Ray Foley and Justin Anderson.

Safe Flying

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