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Glider Pilot finds new hobby at Temora

Terrific Times in Temora

I want to share with you the story of my best out-landing to-date. It was late January this year when I was gliding back to Benalla in my Nimbus 3 when an unexpected thunderstorm crossed my path and I was forced to outland at Temora Airfield, NSW. I was familiar with the Temora airfield, having out-landed there six years before. Once I had landed I was surrounded by people willing to assist me and this continued for the entire juration of my stay. I was very touched by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and arriving just in time for the bbq was a bonus! I expected to leave the next day but unbeknown to me, the storms would continue and I would be unable to return to my home-club for another four days.
So what does one do in Temora to pass four days? As it turns out, a great deal! I decided to make best use of my time and complete a Recreational Aircraft (RA) certificate to compliment my Private Pilot License (PPL). My trainer Jill was very professional and encouraging, and we had a great time. I flew in a new Tecnam Sierra with impressive performance and handling characteristics.
All-in-all my unexpected stay in Temora was a great experience and I highly recommend out-landing there. Many thanks to the people from Temora and Canberra!

Peter Hokkanen