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The Month for Issuing Licenses

Hi all,

Firstly, we would like to offer our condolences on the recent tragic accident involving local legend and aerobatic pilot Tom Moon. The accident has left the town and Aero Club in shock and we would like to pass our sympathies to Tom’s family along with the Museum staff and volunteers who have been hit hard.

January and early February have seen lots of Tecnam activity with almost 100 hours flown in January alone. Students and visiting pilots included Bill Pascoe from Canberra spending a week on intensive flying lessons, along with fellow Canberra residents Darcy and Jessie Molyneux taking a Trial Introductory Flight each. The Tecnam so impressed their father Gavin that he came back with the boys in February and took a flight himself.

Local Ariah Park farmer Kevin Harper has taken up the challenge of learning to fly and has been doing his best to introduce Jill to the actitivies of a farmer by offering time in the header during harvest. Along with that opportunity Jill went out to Kevin’s farm at shearing time with Brazilian exchange student John-Paul and local resident Joan Westman to watch sheep being shorn.

It must be the month for issuing licences with congratulations due to Cootamundra resident Scott Sharman, visiting glider pilot Peter Hokkanen, local Aviation Museum technician Mitchell Liebich and Italian visitor Domenico Muscolino. Look out for an article in the Temora Independent next week about Domenico and his very interesting life.

Peter Hokkanen arrived in his Nimbus 3 from Benalla with an outlanding due to a line of thunderstorms, stayed 5 days and went home with a Recreational Licence and the Tecnam grin.

Lindsay has been clocking up impressive time instructing and sent his first student, Darren Price, solo recently. Darren, from West Wyalong has been flying very consistently and enjoyed the opportunity to go home with an even bigger Tecnam grin than usual. Congratulations for first solos also go to James Childs, and Robyn Otley.

Robyn and her husband Garath have purchased a block on the aviation estate and hope to retire to Temora in the not to distant future. (More coastal invaders, I hear you say!)

Local couple Sal and Justin Anderson have been enthusiastically flying at every opportunity and making great strides in their flying.

In March we hope to have a fly away to Shepparton for the weekend, and don’t forget our Tuesday night pilot nights, this Tuesday Rod Luke will be walking us through controlled airspace procedure, bring your Canberra VTC and Sydney VNC. If you don’t have one, Jill will have some limited spares to use.

Safe flying,
Jill Bailey