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1000 Hours and Still Going

G’day all,
The Aero Club Tecnam has just passed the 1000 hour training in 18 short months
since May 2007! Check out the attached photos for the proud moment.

The Temora Flight Training Tecnam has managed 74 hours since going on line in
late September and on one memorable day a total of 8 hours in one day was flown
utilising both aircraft with Jill, Alan and Lindsay being the three instructors involved.
Lindsay has been clocking up some good instructing time.

We would like to welcome new students and club members:
Lloyd Maxwell, James Childs, Peter Kowalski, Jeff Doggett, Darren Price, Rick Slapp,
Rod Martin, Chris Clark.

It’s good to see dedicated students back like Damian Walker and David Yee, who
drive from Murrum Bateman and Mt Tomah respectively.
Recent achievements include a first solo for Sal Anderson, a cross country endorsement
for Barry Mapham, and an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate for Chris Clark.

Jill Bailey
Temora Flight Training
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Temora, NSW, 2666
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